Salinero always needed a camera in front of his right eye to be able to decipher “what’s going on out there”. Without a camera, he acts and feels like a blind man without his walking stick: like an orphan. For him, a photographic camera is a prolongation of his body, one more of his organs. A sixth sense he needs to let him feel he’s alive. Eventually, not long ago and after a personal crisis, he imagined his life without Photography. It was the most terrible nightmare of his life.



La Realidad is a visual quest to discover the banal, the nonsense, the aleatory and the unexplainable chaos of human interaction. 

Each image is a non-rational approach that eludes to the break between the Unknown and its sudden revelation into the material of daily life – dizziness and risk, plus a Zen attitude at the core of visually chaotic, uncertain and or ambiguous situations. The artist invites us to get deep into La Realidad, its multiple layers and philosophical implications. La Realidad comes from the Unconscious, where Cartier-Bresson’s presumptuous and aristocratic “decisive moments” are irrelevant, and images collide within a domestic nirvana where they are born, and where they go to die to be born again, in a never ending vital cycle.



Gulp! is an attempt to translate into photographs the decadence of wild Capitalism and the deceitful status of Globalization. As it happens with “La Realidad, an ironic and eventually cynical regard cuts across the essay, while a hyperbolic approach to the materials of everyday life casually found along the streets of a collapsed megalopolis like Buenos Aires result in a powerful metaphor of social corruption and drama. Both essays deal with unstaged, straight photography, well into the documentary tradition. Yet, documentation is not at all their final purpose: better, it´s only a formal strategy, a resource to bring out a clear, powerful perspective of our status as a biological species that seems to be lost in a world it evidently does not seem to love. GULP!

These two exhibitions will be presented at Cine Vivo’s main venue_ the Queens Building, 97 William St Perth_every Saturday from 10 June – 26 August 2017_ between 6.00 PM and 10.30 PM



Terra Incognita is a life-long photographic project that uses cultural and natural documentation as art, seizing the sumptuous ambiguity of this term as the opportunity to plunge oneself and others into the mystery of life: its traditions, its festivals, its little-known landscapes, and its everyday life. The project has been conceived as a collection of photographic books and limited-edit ion portfolios, and its author, Andrés Salinero, is constantly striving to produce new images and looking for sponsors to bring his long term dream to the world. South America is the real-life studio for Terra Incognita: its extremely varied landscapes and cultures are its never-ending theme. A hard, thorough and very well planned field work, where serendipity also plays its key role, is the platform from where artistry jumps to apprehend the subtleties and enormous variations of the overall geographical and anthropological thematic. Themes full of beauty that the world deserves to see before they disappear, swallowed by the final homogenisation of almost everything.

This exhibition will be screened _ at Piazza square and at Perth Cultural Centre_

in both locations on a huge public digital screens_ From 1 June to 31 August



The author of the three essays, Mr. Andrés Salinero (54), was born and still lives in Buenos Aires, close to the Plate River (Río de la Plata), that’s why he likes to think of himself as a “rioplatense” -a citizen of the La Plata river. He began photographing at 8 thanks to a present his father Heraldo gave him for his birthday -and never stopped photographing since then. After a trip to Mexico he made during his teenage years, he became interested in anthropology, geography and the history of lost civilizations. He studied Social Communications and Journalism at La Plata’s National University, and after graduating and a short period in the U.S., he began to freelance for national and international magazines, with photographs and text. He co-edited institutional books with editors from Buenos Aires, and nowadays is exclusively devoted to his creation, Terra Incognita, planning new productions and looking for sponsors and editors.