Hugo Alvarez, our musical director, was born in Argentina in 1950, he started performing Argentinian folk music at 4 and he never stopped learning other music where Music of the Andes is he’s style. He participated on several shows in Perth like Buenos Aires to Mexico at the Octagon Theatre at UWA, Tango History at His Majesties Theatre Cabaret, Misa Criolla at Perth Town Hall.

This year he is challenged to organise the music for our festival, meeting new artists to offer the audience a very exciting night.

«My intention is for the Festival to manifest a bridge between cultures and people, connect people that otherwise would have never met embracing the multi-cultural society that we are.»

COLOMBIA_Rumba y Cafe tr io.

Saturday 10th_June

Marco Quiroz, Cristian Quiroz and Faviola Quiroz are the Members of Rumba Y Café. This coulorful trio has been per forming Latin-American music in Per th for over 20 years. The Colombian culture has been influenced by African, Spanish and native South American people, and this diverse influence is shown on its music. Rumba y Café will per form a mixture of cumbias, merengues, rancheras y vallenatos which will light up the mood for everyone.

CHILE_Constanza Herrero

Saturday 17th_June

Constanza Herrero is an Australian/Chilean singer and songwriter. With experience in the music and television industries, Constanza debuted in the band singing at the prestigious Viñadel Mar International Song Festival in 2008. Constanza will per form songs from Violeta Parra as a tribute to this most loved Chilean singer. Hugo will accompany her on guitar and Patricio García on Pan flute.


Saturday 24th_June

In 2014 this group celebrated 30 years since it s foundation by Manuel Muñoz, a Chilean musician. Huaira’s music its amongst the World’s best, whether they are playing San Juanitos from the Hills of Ecuador, Huaynos from Peru or Carnival s from the highplanes of Bolivia, their music will take your breath away. The current members are Manuel Muñoz, Sebastián Muñoz, Patricio García and Gabriel Segovia.

ARGENTINA_Trio apasionado

Saturday 1st_July

Tr io Apasionado brings together three energetic musicians, devoted and addicted to the flair and charm of Argentine Tango! 

With spontaneous shifts in emotion, soloistic outburst s, infectious percussive drive and sweeping lyr ical gestures, Sarah Saunders (piano), Daemon Clark (violin) and Rebecca Meegan-Lowe (cello) per form Tango Nuevo arrangements straight out of Buenos Aires today. On the night the tr io will per form themes from Astor Piazzolla. Be prepared to be amazed. And after the movie join us in a social Milonga as the trio per forms traditional tango music for all.

GUATEMALA_Andy Rigby and Hugo Alvarez

Saturday 8th_July

Andy Rigby and Hugo Alvarez Andy Rigby who is one of Australia’s leading folk harp exponent (and maker) has travelled several times to South America to absorb folk music at it s source. Andy on Paraguayan harp and Hugo on Spanish guitar will delight the audience with a kaleidoscope of music from many Latin-American countries.

MEXICO_Viva Mejico Trio

Saturday 22nd_July

Marco Quiroz and his family trio, will serenade us on this night of Mexican Fiesta. Typical songs like Malaguena and La Vikina as well as guapangos will liven the festivities. The tribute on the night is of Isabel Vargas Lizano, best known as Chabella Vargas was born in costa Rica. At age 14 she went to Mexico to find better opportunities. She stayed there for almost 80 years and once declared «Us Mexicans are born wherever the hell we feel like it».

CUBA _Son montuno

Saturday 29th_July

These musicians have been playing Latin music all their lives and per form for Perth International Ar ts Festival (PIAF), Fringe Festival and many ethnic festivals. Now they come together as Son Montuno to bring you the best of Cuban music. Bring your dancing shoes as you won’t be able to resist the contagious rhythms.

John Bannister_Trumpet

Patricio Fernandez_Vocals, Percussion

Russell Burrows_Congas

   Eliezer Aguila Ramos_Guitar

Rebecca Vouyoucalos_Flute, Vocals

Manoli Vouyoucalos_Bass

  Patricio Garcia_Tiple, Vocals


Saturday 5th_August

Uruguay has two main kind of music, the traditional music of the Payadores and the dancing music of candombe. The girls from Cuerazo will dance candombe and will mesmerize the audience with their beauty, movements and energy. Dancing show at its best.

BRAZIL_Juliana Areias

Saturday 12th_August

After an inspiring Brazilian Tour, Juliana Areias, the Bossa Nova Baby, is back in town inviting Mike Bevan - one of the best Australian guitarists based in Adelaide - for this unique musical collaboration at Cine Vivo Perth’s Latin American Film Festival 2017. Together they will present an enchanting repertoire of precious Chico Buarque songs, sambas and choros – Brazil’s most sophisticated musical genre, the precursor of samba – authentically performed by Mike in a seven string guitar

«Chico Buarque is one of the best Brazilian composers ever who translates Brazilian soc ial, cultural and emot ional soul like no other. What a pr ivilege and dream come true will be to per form this spec ial show with Mike Bevan and our spec ial guests at the Cine Vivo!» - says Juliana Areias.

PERU_Peruvian Fantasy

Saturday 19th_August

Peru is a land of wonder with high mountains, beautiful rivers, Inca temples and cities ruins and an amazing coast line. The music of Peru is as varied as its landscape, with the music of the Andes inherited from the Incas, Peruvian Waltzes with a European influence and the Afro-Peruvian rhythms as a consequence of the mixture of the early migrants. Peruvian Fantasy is a newly formed quartet, Constanza Herrero (singer), Hugo Alvarez ( guitar ), Daemon Clark ( violin ) and Nico Bahamonde (cajon and vocals). Come and enjoy this exciting music.


Saturday 26th_August

Closing night celebration. After a mix of short films and acreeditation is time to relax, have a drink and join the Band Son Montuno and dancers from Cuerazo on the dance floor. Guajiras, Cha-chas, Salsa, Merengues and much more to dance the night away.

John Bannister_Trumpet

Manoli Vouyoucalos_Bass

Patricio Fernandez_Vocals, Percussion

Russell Burrows_Congas

Rebecca Vouyoucalos_Flute, Vocals

Patricio Garcia_Tiple, Vocals

Eliezer Aguila Ramos_Guitar